Debut Of Small Bottle Private Label Startup Program

Debut Of Small Bottle Private Label Startup ProgramVitakem has been well-known as reliable private label vitamin manufacturers since 2003. From the excellent customer support to the variety of stock products offered to clients, Vitakem has been supporting those in the supplement business from small at-home startups to companies of a larger stature.

Small Minimum, Large Options

Vitakem is pleased to announce the launching of a new small bottle, private label start-up program. Minimums can be as low as just 72 bottles per order. There are over 250 stock products to choose from that are highly sought after by people around the world. A few popular vitamins include:

  • E-400 IU – A fat soluble antioxidant 
  • Zinc 50mg – Increases immune system 
  • B-12 500mcg – Energy and metabolism booster 
  • B-6 50mg – Supports the nervous system 
  • C-500 with Rose Hips – Immunity booster and antioxidant 

Also included are popular supplements such as:

  • N-Fla Rid – Aids in digestion
  • Immuzol – Keeps the immune system healthy 
  • Metabolic – Boosts metabolism and increases energy
  • Prost-Eze – Natural support for men’s prostate health
  • Alcar – Enhances physical performance & mental cognition

72 bottles is all it takes for private label vitamin manufacturers to begin the journey of good business. And as always, Vitakem offers testing, monitoring, and handcrafting of all products to ensure high quality. Vitakem is also registered with the FDA and works from a in a facility in the U.S. that meets the levels of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Standards).

Why Ship With Amazon

Starting a supplement company might sound difficult, but working with Vitakem is easy thanks to Amazon. The customer base at Amazon is staggering, making it the easiest way for customers to find what private label vitamin manufacturers are selling. Vitakem offers guidance and tools to get companies through the process of selling on Amazon. Steps include:

  • Choosing a custom label for the stock to be sold.
  • Choosing the stock products available for purchase.
  • Placing the first order (new minimum at 72 bottles per order).
  • Sending your stock to Amazon for storage and shipping.
  • Watching your business grow.

Amazon has a 7-10 day turnaround for shipping out products, which is beneficial to any business. All shipping costs are included the service fees, tracking information is provided, and customers can contact Amazon customer service with questions if they arise.

There is a lot of work that private label vitamin manufacturers must do to be successful, and the team at Vitakem is there to support clients far and wide on every order, no matter how small.

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