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“The Secret To Our Success Is Your Success”

We founded our business on this idea in 2003. It charts out our current success and our plans for the future.

When Vitakem CEO and founder, Bret Hoyt created Vitakem, he knew that the most important job of a supplement and vitamin manufacturer was to help their partner companies succeed. He knew Vitakem’s mission was to do supplement manufacturing the right way, focused on helping you achieve your business goals.

With that in mind, Vitakem has developed a company culture focused on customer service and troubleshooting. This, in turn, has led to service innovations that you won’t find in many other places:

When too many client companies floundered around looking for the right contact to ask a question or check on the status of a job, Vitakem started assigning one sales executive to each account. This executive shepherds each project through from start to finish. Furthermore, Vitakem staff take pride in responding to inquiries within 48 hours maximum.
When too many clients called with last minute requests for production runs because inventory was running low, Vitakem implemented a standard policy: Account executives check in regularly with client companies to assess inventory and plan the next product run accordingly.
And most recently…

As industry-wide, more and more companies receive FDA warning letters about non-compliant labeling, Vitakem is one of the few companies to invest in training for FDA labeling compliance. We offer FDA labeling evaluation for FREE.
Now all of this sounds good, but as Hoyt notes in discussing business success,

“The Proof Is In The Pudding”

Vitakem has provided supplement manufacturer services for hundreds of companies, both large and small.

We’ve seen clients who start with product runs of 1000 bottles grow to order 150,000 bottles each month.
We’ve helped startups make their first confident steps into the marketplace and helped larger companies secure their shelf space.
The nutritional supplement industry is an outstanding industry to do business in – recession proof and growing every day. With each of our clients, we do our part to help you tap into this solid marketplace effectively by providing smooth production and quality products.

Our long-term partnerships and our partners’ success confirm that Vitakem’s doing something right to support business growth.

It May Be Our Laboratory, But It’s Your Company

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