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Private Label Vitamins And Supplements ManufacturerIn the past several years, there have been reports in the news about private label vitamins and supplements. Some of the popular brands that have been sold at various department, drug, and discount stores turned out to be inadequate upon annual audits. Several of the ingredients that were listed on the vitamin labels were either included in very small amounts, or not at all.  This is why it is so important for private label vitamins to be audited on a regular basis. 

Consumers who have faced these trust violations in the past are more diligent than ever in examining the products that are purchased today. This makes it important for more private label vitamins distributors to provide clientele with high-quality products that contain the actual ingredients in the appropriate quantities as listed. Many consumers look for products that carry a seal of approval, showing that they have been audited for quality.

The NSF is an accredited auditing company that performs independent third-party certifications on private label vitamins to be sure that a product meets public health and safety standards. NSF performs retests and spot-checks checks yearly on samples provided by the company, as well as those available for purchase. Other companies that perform audits include U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).  Most vitamin and supplement companies are regularly audited for product purity as well as quality from one or more of these institutions.

When making the purchase of private label vitamins or supplements, many now look at the history of a company’s past audits. This can help restore confidence in the brand and the product that is being distributed. Vitakem is one company that has had normal audits for the last 6 years without the need for any corrections. This shows the high standards to which the company holds itself, being sure to create a reliable foundation for both clients and consumers alike. 

Vitakem is NSF certified and is NSF/ANSI compliant, meeting the standards on vitamins and supplements. Vitakem is also specially trained by the Natural Products Association to create proper dietary supplement labeling. Creating consistent, reliable labels on consumable products is essential in meeting the standards of not only those who consume the products, but those who audit the products as well. With 6 years of consistent audits, Vitakem is showing to be one of the companies that can restore trust in the field of private label vitamins and supplements.

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